Monday, September 13, 2010

Small Milestones And Accomplishments

Sometimes it's the little things that make me giddy. A television show that I'm obsessed with, returns to the airwaves. My envisioned dish and/or dessert is executed without too much difficulty. Since I'm too cheap to go to the movies but have nothing but time, the DVD of a movie I've dieing to see has finally been released. I step on the scale and discover that I lost weight. All these instances produce the same glee, but the ones that keep me flying are those that pertain to my writing.

This morning I reached 25k (actually passed that) on my newest WIP (Work In Progress). This small feat means several things to me: 1. I'm committed to finishing this WIP. 2. My projected deadline for the first draft is doable. 3. I'm actually writing, despite bouts of writer's block and being overworked at my day job.

Very little can destroy my natural writer's high. It's a personal accomplishment that no one else will be able to understand or savor the way that I'm doing right at this moment. Even a rejection email for my manuscript wouldn't be able to diminish this.

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